Everything you need, in one place.

Create an Eolas Space for your healthcare team or community to seamlessly manage guidelines, content, education and communication all in one place.

Create a Space

Streamline how information is managed and accessed

Select the features you need, when you need them

An Eolas Space is fully customisable to suit your needs, with features to help manage all types of content and communication, there is no use case not covered.

medical guideline app
Everything all in one mobile and desktop app

From guidelines and education to communication and frequently asked questions, streamline access to the content your team or community needs.

Faster, simpler and more effective

Eolas has been shown to be 5x faster than current information management systems and streamlines communication processes to increase engagement from your team or community.


Clinical Guidelines

Easily manage and access all your clinical guidelines in one place. All guidelines are easily indexed with keywords and found rapidly when needed via the mobile and desktop platform.

medical guideline app
medical messaging app

Streamline Communication

Email open rates in healthcare organisations are less than 39%, meaning most of your team are missing out on the latest updates. Our News Feed feature keeps track of who hasn’t read your urgent updates, and allows you to send out reminders to them with one simple click

Direct and Group Messaging

Move away from WhatsApp for your team’s communication. Keep the professional work chat and personal messages separate with secure messaging on Eolas Medical.

medical checklists

Design and build Checklists

Build checklists for everything from clinical procedures to equipment checks. With our mobile-first app, your staff can record good practice in seconds.

Streamline teaching with the Education Portal

Build your own learning management system for new or existing staff. Easily track progress with everything from onboarding to weekly teaching.

education portal medical

Answers at your fingertips

For all of those frequently asked questions. Everything from ordering scans to accessing staff lockers. Whether it's rotating, new, or permanent team members, give your staff the knowledge they need, fast.