Eolas for Individuals

Everything you need in one place.

If you are an individual healthcare professional you can use the Community Tab to access 1000s of resources, search the Spaces Tab for spaces with content relevant to your specialty or you can use the Me Tabfr your own professional development.

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ultrasound logbook
Find Trusted Spaces

Find an Eolas Space for you.

Find an Eolas Space relevant to your interests, everything from an Eolas Space for education in your specialty to a healthcare conference space, there is something for everyone.

Set up or find your healthcare team's Eolas Space, with all your local guidelines, education and communication.

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File Management

Unlimited File Storage.

Make use of unlimited file storage in the My Files section. Manage everything from your favourite guidelines to your audit and research projects, all easily searchable in one place.

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NICE Guidance
NICE Guidance
Evidence based guidelines

One Location for 1000s of National Guidelines

Access thousands of aggregated national guidelines from trusted sources worldwide. All are kept up-to-date, relevant, and searchable within seconds.

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Professional Development

Mobile first ePortfolio.

Log Events and get signed off rapidly

Within a few minutes, log a professional event. Whether it's case discussions, procedures, teaching feedback, or for an ultrasound logbook, we've got you covered.

Full exportable timeline view of events

Easily access and export all your previous events using the timeline view. Ensure all events are signed off by assessors promptly.

Teaching Feedback using QR codes

Get immediate feedback from a teaching session using the seamless QR code system.

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NICE Guidance
NICE Guidance
Medication Guides

Access the BNF and BNFc seamlessly.

For NHS staff, alongside all your other resources, and within the same app, you can now access the excellent British National Formulary via the Eolas Medical app.

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