All the medication information you need, in one place.

From BNF, BNFC and SmPCs to interactions checker and injectables guides, all easily searchable on the same platform.

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Medication Highlights

Discover educational pieces on disease areas, highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of commonly prescribed medications.

medication highlights
smpc pils

SmPCs and Medicines Information

Easily search and navigate over 10,000 SmPCs and product resources for specific medications.


Access up to date British National Formulary for adults and children easily. Everything from dosing to side effects, easily accessible via web and mobile.

bnf and bnfc
medusa injectables monographs guide

Medusa Injectables Monographs

For organisations that have access to Medusa Injectables monographs, users can easily search the injectables guide alongside all the other medicines information.

Medication Interactions Checker

List an unlimited number of medications to check for relative and absolute contraindications.

medication interactions