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New and existing team members need easy access to vital information such as protocols and other resources, enabling them to work safely and efficiently.

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Eolas Medical’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing and accessing critical information for EMS teams.

It allows new and existing members to efficiently access protocols, education, and communication resources through a customizable app, enhancing safety and efficiency. The platform features streamlined access to protocols, secure messaging, checklist creation, and an education portal for tracking staff progress.

The EMS platform ensures consistent care by centralizing protocols, improving communication with push notifications, and enabling quick access to FAQs. It supports better patient outcomes and increases the utilization of vital information, providing a user-friendly, mobile-first solution for EMS professionals.

Over 300 healthcare teams from the world's leading institutions rely on Eolas Medical everyday. Eolas is completely free to use for all healthcare professionals, get started now by creating a team space.