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East Lancashire NHS Trust

"Since we started using the app one year ago in our department it has improved the working lives of our staff. More than 500 of our ED clinicians and nurses use this app now and we find it so useful to have all the information available in just one click on the app or on the desktop."

Dr Georgina Robertson, Emergency Medicine Consultant

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

"The app has been a welcome repository of information that allows for an easily accessible, customizable solution to housing the information our ED group requires."

Dr Saahil Vij, Emergency Medicine Physician

PIER Network

"The team at Eolas have been amazing in responding to questions and have been able to sort out any little issues that we have had. The customer service the team provide is a huge strong-point and means I can be confident that we will continue to use Eolas region-wide for the foreseeable future. Highly recommended!"

Dr James Edelman, Paediatric Consultant, UHS NHS

Mercy Hospital St. Louis

"The app has been a HUGE hit with all of our EMS Agencies!! Trying to communicate with 450+ paramedics is challenging but this app has made it so simple!"

Haley Kay, Education Manager

Imperial College London NHS Trust

"We have implemented the app across the three departments in Imperial and it has become invaluable - both for a repository of easily accessible guidelines and for all the other functionality of weekly update sharing, equipment location, checklists."

Dr Ruth Brown, Emergency Medicine Consultant

Ulster Hospital Dundonald

"I find the app extremely useful daily. From distributing patient information leaflets in a digital format to collating and updating department specific guidelines and protocols, the diverse functionality has improved workflows and modernised how we work."

Dr Ciaran McKenna, Emergency Medicine Consultant

Salford Royal Hospital

"The Eolas App is a fantastic resource for improving our productivity in the management of our patients. It allows rapid access to the correct local and national policies to aid clinicians in their decision making."

Dr Neill Hughes, Emergency Medicine Consultant

Royal Oldham Hospital

"Using the application within our Neonatal Unit was an excellent experience. I only received positive feedback from our users."

Dr Khalid Ben Rahuma, Neonatal Consultant

Bristol Royal Infirmary

"As a department we've found adoption of the app game changing, I couldn't advocate more strongly to give the app a go in your department."

Dr Adam Herbstritt, Emergency Medicine Consultant

clinical guideline app
clinical guideline app


patient safety

Increase Patient Safety

Evidence-based care improves the consistency and quality of care delivered to patients, ensuring the right decision for every patient, every time.

patient safety
improve efficency

Improve Efficiency

Research projects using the app across multiple sites have demonstrated Eolas Medical to be over 4 times faster than current systems.

clinical guidelines
clinical guidelines

Improved Staff Satisfaction

Outdated IT infrastructure is frequently cited as a contributing factor to staff burnout, give staff the information they need in an app they love using.

clinical guidelines
clinical guidelines

Designed by Healthcare Professionals

The platform is designed and developed by doctors who have unique insights into the challenges working in complex healthcare settings.

development lifecycle
improved efficiency

Cost Efficient

Whether it is for an individual healthcare professional, a specific department or an entire healthcare organisation the app is cost effective with free plans.T can help rplace and aggregate outdated and expensive systems, all into one place.

reduce costs
clinical governance

Ensure Clinical Governance

Ensure clinical guidelines are used at the point of care, prove compliance with onboarding processes and ensure important and urgent updates are read.

advanced analytics


NICE Guidance
Improve Patient Safety

One Location for Guidelines, Policies and Protocols

Manage all your clinical guidelines and policies in one place for consistent care across your organisation. Ease of access to clinical guidelines increases utilisation, improves the quality of care and patient safety increases.

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Simplify Communication

Direct and Group Messaging.

Built-in direct and group chat, create and edit groups based on your team members' roles. Simplify communication with the intuitive user interface and have everything in one place, this eliminates the need to switch between multiple apps for effective communication.

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NICE Guidance
NICE Guidance
Improve Consistency of Care

Design and build Checklists.

Build checklists for everything from clinical procedures to equipment checks. With our mobile-first app, your staff can record good practice in seconds.

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Streamline Onboarding and Teaching

Streamline teaching with the Education Portal.

Build your own learning management system for new or existing staff. Easily track progress with everything from onboarding to weekly teaching.

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NICE Guidance
NICE Guidance
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I...?
Answers at your fingertips

For all of those frequently asked questions. Everything from ordering scans to accessing staff lockers. Whether it's rotating, new, or permanent team members, give your staff the knowledge they need, fast.

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Push Notifications

Send and track updates with the News Feed.

Bespoke news feed just for your team. Neat, right? Send push notifications for important and urgent updates. Track open rates for compliance.

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NICE Guidance