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Expand and Engage your audience.

Whether you're a content creator, a publisher of guidelines, or an event organiser, you can create a space on Eolas Medical to expand and engage your audience.

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clinical guidelines

Increase Engagement

There are currently over 30,000 healthcare professionals on the Eolas platform. Creating a space for your content or event allows these professionals to discover and engage with your content.

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Improve Access

Research projects across multiple sites have shown that accessing resources with Eolas Medical is over 4 times faster than with current systems.

clinical guidelines
clinical guidelines


Get feedback from your users directly on content that has been created or on how to improve upcoming and future events.

clinical guidelines
clinical guidelines


See how engaged your audience is with the content you have created with bespoke analytics for your own space.

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Expand your audience

Get Discovered.

Your content is amazing, and a lot of effort has gone into making it as useful and valuable to healthcare professionals, create an Eolas Space and help over 30,000 healthcare professional get access immediately.

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Simplify Communication

Direct and Group Messaging.

Directly message anyone in your space or create group chats for discussions around bespoke and important topics.

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activity feed
Streamline updates

Never miss a thing with Activity Feeds

Ensure your users and audience never miss a thing with the Activity Feeds. Whether it is an important edit to content, updates relating to a specific event or just engaging your audience in discussion and debate, Activity Feeds ensure your audience stays informed and active.

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Manage any type of content

Design your mobile first Content Repository.

Manage all types of content in your space, from videos and documents to text, surveys, and important links. Manage any type of content to allow ease of access and increase the engagement from your audience.

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